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What are Tooth Jewels?

Tooth jewels are tiny crystals stuck onto your tooth with a special non-toxic adhesive. They brighten up your smile and look fantastic.


How long do Tooth jewels take to apply?

Tooth jewels take about 5-10mins to apply & then a further 30mins to fully set.

Afterwards - 

No eating or drinking for 30 mins, 

No licking the jewel for 30mins. 

Do not pick at the jewel with your fingers as this will loosen your jewel. 


Can a Tooth Jewel damage your tooth?

No, everything used in the application is very safe. The non-toxic adhesive is very similar to what is used when applying braces. They will not stain or harm the tooth in anyway.

*Temporary* *Assorted Colours* *Pain Free*


Can you guarantee the length of time the tooth jewel will stay on the tooth?

No, generally from 1 week to 6 weeks is pretty standard, however some have been on for well over 12 weeks. Many things can vary the length it lasts for: the acidity level of the mouth, peoples lifestyle, and what you eat or drink. 


Can Tooth jewels be removed?

The tooth jewel can be safely removed at anytime, however when it is first applied the glue is at its strongest and it may be harder for you to remove the jewel. A jewel can be removed by using dental floss in a downward motion or picking it off with your finger nail. Sometimes if you bite into something too hard you can sheer the jewel away leaving its foil backing on the tooth, this can be removed in the same manner as above


What happens if you swallow the Tooth jewel?

Absolutely nothing. The jewel will pass through the body in the usual process.


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