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Children's Ear Piercing

* Experts in children's ear piercing *

Taking your child to get their ears pierced can be quite daunting but here at Unicorn Piercing we have taken the stress out of it for you and ensure your child feels special about their new ear piercings. Getting your ears pierced is a big deal & we are here to make it memorable. 

We offer safe professional ear piercing for babies/children aged from 6months old, if under this age we do offer a free consultation  to see if baby is ready for ear piercing.  Our piercers are fully trained professionals that not only have experience piercing children's ears but are also very approachable and friendly.  

We offer tandem piercing for your child's ear piercing (2 piercers at once). We only use a single-use procedure which involves a fully disposable cartridge, no noisey guns.  This is by far the cleanest, most sterile procedure available.

We do also offer lobe piercing to be done with a needle if a customer prefers that option.

* Large range of ear rings *

We stock a large range of ear rings for you to pick from.  We have birth stoned ear rings, titanium ear rings & even Disney ear rings! plus much more for you to pick from. We also stock hyper-allergic ones for sensitive skin.

For more information or to book an ear piercing contact our friendly piercers now.   

Each child receives a FREE Unicorn

Each child receives a CERTIFICATE, LOLLY POP & a UNICORN TOY 🦄

To help our little customers feel more comfortable whilst getting their new ear piercings we give them a cute unicorn stress ball to help make the experience feel more relaxing.

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